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Birth and the first few weeks of parenting are crucial in developing a happy, healthy family.  With this in mind, my goal as a doula is for every expecting parent, new parent, and partner to be as prepared and confident that they are ready for what is to come.

I am pleased to offer my services as a labour doula, breastfeeding counselor, and postpartum doula to Ottawa families and to provide the highest level of care throughout your pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Labour Doula

Ottawa Doula - Grounded HypnosisAs a Labour Doula, the goal is to facilitate a positive birth atmosphere by providing informational, emotional and physical support during the pregnancy and labour. Prenatal visits are scheduled to help prepare the family for labour and delivery. Doula’s are not doctors therefore clinical support is not provided nor do I replace Midwives or Doctors.

Other ways I assist during the labour are:

  • Offer continuous physical and emotional support during the entire labour
  • Informing of benefits, risks, and alternatives to situations and procedures
  • Offering various comfort measures
  • Encouraging different positions to labour in
  • Facilitating communication between the labouring woman, her partner and clinical care providers
  • Immediate breastfeeding support
  • Adding hypnosis as a coping technique to the birth experience  (optional)

Postpartum Doula

As a Postpartum Doula, my goal is to “mother the mother”. The support I offer families in this period varies greatly but most importantly the end goal is to ease the growing family’s transition and allow them to become comfortable with the arrival of their new baby.

Here are some standard ways I help:

  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Baby care information and support
  • Information on physiological and psychological changes women experience
  • Educating on signs of postpartum depression
  • Aiding in processing the birth
  • Teaching baby massage
  • Helping the family access community supports and resources

Other Services


  • Manage Stress
  • Overcome phobias and fears
  • Quieting anxiety
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Eliminating pain
  • Conquering headaches and migraines
  • Discarding trauma

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What My Clients Say...

Jennifer is a super doula. She was super supportive of my wants and needs during labour. Her knowledge of breastfeeding was excellent in getting Justine and I off to a great start. Jennifer’s caring, down to earth and sensitive nature really helped me feel comfortable both during and after Justine’s birth. If you’re looking for a doula Jennifer would be my #1 choice!

Brenda Hoffman

Jennifer was my doula and I trusted her, but I had no interest in being hypnotized. I had seen her work on other people before my eyes, but I was still a little apprehensive. I knew that she was properly trained and capable, but I just didn’t want to feel vulnerable. When I was about a week and a half overdue, my midwife talked to me about the choices I had this late in the pregnancy and the risks my baby could be starting to face, I felt a tremendous amount of stress and worry. I finally took Jennifer’s offer to use hypnosis to alleviate the panic I was feeling and to prepare my mind for labour. Being hypnotized felt very different from what I was expecting. I was so relaxed but at the same time my mind was active and participating in the experience. I was visualizing and taking my time thinking and choosing. I could remember everything that she was saying and what was happening. Most importantly I didn’t feel vulnerable at all, I felt completely safe. When she finished I felt like I had just gotten a long massage in the nicest spa. I truly believe that the session I had with Jennifer helped me prepare for my birthing experience.

Cari Cels

Having Jennifer there for the birth of our daughter was the best thing we ever did. She kept us very calm and had good suggestions on what to do when labour was getting intense. She was also helpful and supportive when we came home. She will be there for our next birth.

Jackie Annett

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